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Unveiling Magic: The Gathering's Exciting Doctor Who Crossover Set

Magic: The Gathering fans, get ready to embark on a journey through time and space with the upcoming release of the MTG Doctor Who crossover set. In a unique fusion of two beloved universes, Magic brings the iconic British sci-fi show Doctor Who to the world of trading card games. With references spanning across the show's 60-year history, this set promises to be a treat for both Magic and Doctor Who enthusiasts.

The Intersection of Two Worlds: Magic and Doctor Who

As avid Magic players may recall, this isn't the first time we've witnessed a crossover between Magic: The Gathering and another iconic franchise. However, MTG Doctor Who takes a different approach compared to previous collaborations, such as the Lord of the Rings set. This set shares more in common with the MTG Warhammer 40k deck releases from the previous year. While it doesn't have a standalone set, it introduces Commander decks and Secret Lairs inspired by Doctor Who.

Release Date and Synchronization with the Show

Mark your calendars, as MTG Doctor Who is set to make its debut on October 13th. This release aligns conveniently with the anticipation surrounding Russell T Davies' Doctor Who specials, scheduled to air in November 2023. To provide a sneak peek, Wizards of the Coast has shared some key dates for Doctor Who enthusiasts:

First Look at Pro Tour and MagicCon Barcelona: July 28

Doctor Who Spoilers: October 3

Official Doctor Who Launch: October 13

Mechanics That Warp Time and Space

Now, let's delve into the intriguing mechanics introduced in the Doctor Who Commander Decks.

Planechase: Planechase is one of the mechanics featured in these decks. It revitalizes a format that was previously underserved in MTG. Each Planechase card has two effects: one that's always active and another triggered "when chaos ensues." Players can activate the chaos effect by rolling a planar die, which includes the chaos symbol.

Shadow: Shadow, an over 20-year-old mechanic, makes a return. While it has been rare in recent sets due to its unique gameplay, it's back in the Doctor Who Commander decks. Creatures with Shadow can only block or be blocked by other creatures with Shadow, adding a twist to the usual combat dynamics. Doctor’s Companion: This mechanic allows players to have two Commanders if one of them is the Doctor, akin to the Partner mechanic. It promises to enhance deck utility and color identity.

Time Travel: The Timey-Wimey Commander deck introduces Time Travel as a new mechanic. It interacts with Time Counters, offering players the ability to add or remove Time Counters from cards, affecting various keywords in different ways.

Exploring the Multiverse: Unique Mechanics in Each Deck

Each of the four Commander decks in MTG Doctor Who introduces distinctive mechanics:

Timey-Wimey: This deck revolves around Time Counters, affecting numerous cards. Time Travel is the prominent mechanic here, allowing players to manipulate Time Counters to their advantage. Suspend: Cards with Suspend feature Time Counters that gradually disappear, allowing players to cast the spell for free once all counters are gone.

Vanishing: Vanishing, another mechanic, causes permanents to be sacrificed once Time Counters are depleted.

Paradox: The Paradox mechanic triggers when casting spells from outside your hand, providing flexibility in spellcasting. Historic: The Blast from the Past Commander deck emphasizes Historic cards, focusing on Sagas, artifacts, and Legendary cards.

Villainous Choice: Masters of Evil Commander deck introduces the Villainous Choice mechanic, forcing opponents to make difficult decisions with consequences.

Replicate: Replicate allows players to copy spells for an additional cost, leading to spell duplication.

Cascade: Cascade triggers upon casting a spell, offering a chance to cast another spell for free.

Soulbond: Soulbond pairs two creatures together, adding depth to your strategies. /

Investigate: Investigate is a returning mechanic that creates Clue Tokens, which can be sacrificed to draw cards.

Embrace the Adventure: MTG Doctor Who Beckons

Magic: The Gathering's Doctor Who crossover set is a thrilling fusion of two cherished universes. Whether you're a longtime Magic player or a devoted Whovian, this set promises an exciting blend of gameplay and nostalgia. With its unique mechanics and references, MTG Doctor Who opens up new horizons for both trading card game enthusiasts and Doctor Who fans.

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Please note that the information regarding MTG Doctor Who is based on leaks and official announcements, and it is subject to change as more details become available.

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