Slabbing FAQs

What is slabbing?

In the card world, slabbing is encasing a card in a sealed, hard, protective case. Cards value and condition can be preserved by slabbing.

How does it work?

Any raw card can be slabbed on site at our location in Joliet by a trained professional. We use a custom encasing machine that was designed for Card Pop!

How long does it take?

Same day slabbing services will be available for walk in customers. The actual slabbing process takes less than a minute per card. Slabbing times will vary based on size of collection submitted, location of customer, shop workflow, shipping, etc.

Are all slabbed cards graded?


Most slabbed cards in the card world are also graded. Cards are sent to grading companies for weeks, months, or even years! They return with a grade and slabbed.

Some slabbed cards are not graded but authenticated.

Card Pop will slab your card but we DO NOT grade cards! Who are we to judge???

Can I send in my cards to be slabbed?

Currently, Card Pop is only slabbing cards for walk in customers. Mail in orders will be accepted in the future! POP in to Joliet and experience a different slabbing experience!


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