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Unveiling Shiny Treasure ex: A Sparkling New Adventure in Pokémon TCG

Get ready, Pokémon trainers! A dazzling new adventure awaits as the Pokémon TCG introduces the Shiny Treasure ex set. Scheduled for release in Japan on December 1, 2023, this set promises to bring a shimmering collection of 190 base cards, with the potential for secret cards yet to be unveiled. While the global release date remains a mystery, we'll keep you in the loop as soon as the official date drops.

One of the most exciting features of the Shiny Treasure ex set is the introduction of brand-new Reverse Holo Cards. These cards boast sparkly, crystal-like effects, reminiscent of the Terastallizing effect seen in Gen 9 games. Unlike traditional Reverse Holo Cards, where the holo detail is limited to the body, these cards take it a step further, ensuring that every inch of the card sparkles with magic.

PokeBeach and have shared a sneak peek into the confirmed cards that will grace the Shiny Treasure ex set. From the adorable Sprigatito to the majestic Shiny Charizard Ex Dark Tera (Hyper Rare), each card is a testament to the beauty and rarity of Shiny Pokemon. The set includes fan favorites like Shiny Gardevoir, Shiny Charmander, and many more, making it a must-have for collectors and players alike.

Much like previous sets such as Shining Fates and Hidden Fates, the Shiny Treasure ex set follows the theme of featuring Pokémon in their shiny forms. It's a golden opportunity for trainers to add these unique and captivating cards to their collection, and perhaps discover a new favorite Shiny Pokémon along the way.

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