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Get ready to POP OFF! Where every break is a lucky break.

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Breaks FAQs

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What is a break?

A break is when we will buy a box or boxes of cards and charge individuals for an opportunity to “buy in” and keep a selection of cards from the box. A randomizer can be used to generate and assign a corresponding pack from a box or sports team to each person who buys in. The viewers can tune in on Whatnot to view the break live.

What kind of cards will you be breaking?

Our goal is to eventually break all genres of cards. Based off our currently clientele and demand we will be starting with Pokémon.

How will I get my winnings?

All winnings will be shipped in 1-3 business days through Whatnot.

When is the next break?

Breaks will be every Saturday at 1PM (CST).

How do I watch the break live?

Follow us on Whatnot: @cardpopusa