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Capturing Nostalgia: Reliving the Original Pokémon Journey with Pokemon 151!

In the world of Pokémon trading cards, excitement is brewing as Pokémon 151: Scarlet & Violet, an expansion set based on the original 151 Pokémon from the Kanto region, prepares to make its debut. This set holds particular significance as it marks the return of Kadabra, a psychic Pokémon who has been absent from the Pokémon TCG for 21 years. Kadabra's absence was a result of a legal dispute involving magician Uri Geller, who claimed that the Pokémon's design was inspired by his spoon-bending technique. However, Geller recently withdrew his complaint and publicly apologized to Pokémon fans, paving the way for Kadabra's long-awaited comeback. Pokémon 151: Scarlet & Violet breaks from the traditional format of sets organized by type and instead follows the Pokédex order. This unique approach allows collectors and players to relive the original Pokémon journey by capturing them in the order in which they were introduced.

It's a nostalgic experience that brings back memories of discovering and collecting Pokémon for the first time. One of the highlights of this expansion set is the inclusion of rare and special cards. With nearly 50 Secret Rare cards and stunning Illustration Rare and Secret Illustration Rare cards featuring fan-favorite Pokémon like Snorlax, Mewtwo, and Mew, collectors will be delighted to add these unique treasures to their collections. These cards showcase captivating artwork that truly brings the Pokémon to life. While Pokémon 151: Scarlet & Violet has already been released in Japan, the international release is scheduled for September 22, 2023. Trainers and collectors outside of Japan can look forward to embarking on their own Scarlet & Violet journey, experiencing the thrill of capturing and battling with these iconic Pokémon.

To enhance the Pokémon TCG experience, the set offers various boxed sets and tins that provide a range of options for collectors and players. These special products, including Elite Trainer Boxes, Poster Collections, Binder Collections, Booster Bundles, and an Ultra-Premium Collection featuring exclusive cards like metal Mew ex, add depth and excitement to the expansion. Each of these sets offers a unique way to display and enjoy your Pokémon cards.

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As Pokémon 151: Scarlet & Violet approaches its international release, Cardpop eagerly awaits the opportunity to provide trainers and collectors with the latest additions to their collections. Offering the convenience of online orders and the personalized touch of in-store pickups, Cardpop ensures that every customer receives exceptional service and the best card-buying experience possible. In conclusion, Pokémon 151: Scarlet & Violet brings back the nostalgia of the original 151 Pokémon, along with the long-awaited return of Kadabra. With its unique Pokédex order and a plethora of rare and special cards, this expansion set promises to captivate collectors and players alike. Don't miss the chance to explore the wonders of Pokémon 151: Scarlet & Violet at Cardpop, the premier local card shop in Joliet, Illinois. Place your online orders or visit in person to discover the magic that awaits you.

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